Ed Dawson CFP, RRC

Senior Financial Consultant

Ed began his career with IG in 1983. He worked as Executive Financial Consultant managing a portfolio over $115 million. Ed became a member of The Executive & Senior Consultant Group, a level of recognition acknowledging the sustained business excellence and continued success of top-performing Consultants. More recently, Ed became a member of Private Wealth Management, a group comprised of qualifying Consultants who, through professional planning and a team-based approach, have proven proficiency in serving the high net worth market.

June 2015, Ed changed his role to become Executive Financial Associate to his brother Chris Dawson. Ed is a valued member of the Dawson Team, bringing with him his years of knowledge, experience, and his excellent rapport with clients.  

Ed also received the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal* in January 2013.

* The Canadian medal, which is to "honour significant contributions and achievements by Canadians, is administered by the Chancellery of Honours at Rideau Hall and was awarded to 60,000 citizens and permanent residents of Canada who made a significant contribution to their fellow countrymen, their community, or to Canada over the previous sixty years.